Ógui Lourenço Mauri is a great poet, his poems reflect good taste and refinement and speak straight to the heart of the reader, which can be seen in the poetry we choose for his Hall in the Poetic Soul. Ógui is a member of the Poet - the website of the Brazilian poet, which can be seen a significant number of his beautiful poems and precious ballads.

          Degree in accounting, he made ​​his career at the Bank of Brazil, where he retired in the position of general manager of the agency. During the day he worked in the bank and the evening was a teacher, teaching accounting and Portuguese classes, was when he began to take an interest in poetry.

          Though our friendship has been around for several years, I never found Ógui personally, because we are separate by almost six hundred kilometers, but I'm sure we would be great neighbors, because his modesty and simplicity. Still I am glad to deserve his friendship.

Lupércio Mundim

Some poetries of Ógui Lourenço Mauri (in portuguese only)

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