Alda Moreira Mendes Corrêa, who in May 25, 2009 was called to the selection of poets from heaven, was a generous friend who I met through my dear friend Angela Stefanelli de Moraes. Besides emeritus professor, who dedicated his life to teaching, teaching Portuguese, literature and Latin, Alda was that rare kind of person who sacrifices an afternoon of rest to correct a text from a friend, having corrected several of my texts. Few people would do something like that.

          On her website "Espelho Poético" (Poetic Mirror), which is lovingly maintained by his daughter Maria de Fatima Mendes Moreira Xavier, we find perfect examples of the mastery of Alda in creating poetry that cause admiration among the poets. I visit it often, because for me it is a source of inspiration and always a great read. Thanks for everything Alda!

Lupércio Mundim

Some poetries of Alda Corrêa Mendes Moreira (in portuguese only)

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