Infinite Love

Ricardo I love you so
That when I miss you badly
I feel bad and dizzy I go
Without you I can't be happy

When you were a little boy, I can still think back
On the avenue your tiny hand holding mine
Today you're on your own, traveling your destiny track
But in life a father miss the past time

Wherever you go
Take for granted not less
That great my love is so
That it seems more like a fortress

In this untamed fortress you can shelter
Because nothing will make you grieve
Because my love goes forever
And before that I'd rather not live

Soon we will be together,
Only imagining my heart throbs,
I know we'll be happier than ever
For we have lots of love.

Poetry dedicated to my beloved son
Ricardo Mundim, who lives in Lyon,
France, in january 1st. of 2003.

Lupércio Mundim
All Rights Reserved

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