Thank God in this planet there are still many people worried more to serve than to be served and among these people I would highlight two categories: Amateurs Radios and Boys Scouts. I was fortunate to attend these two world fraternities at a particular time of my life, so I can talk about them (not about me) knowingly: these people are really quite special.

          I will speak first of the Amateurs Radios. Imagine that there are still many villages and cities such as indian tribes, where there are not means of communication unless an Amateur Radio and imagine that there are people who spend their free time next to an radio, waiting for an opportunity to serve, they are called hams. They spend on equipment and antennas and do not receive anything but the gratitude of those who were helped by them and the feeling of accomplishment, common to all them.

          I cite here an event that happened to me only to serve as an example, I was next to my radio, waiting for a calling, when I heard someone repeating the message "emergency, somebody from Goiânia, please answer!" I responded immediately saying that it was from Goiânia (Goiás State Capital, Brazil, 1,5 million inhabitants). Who called was a nurse in a small village in the Amazon State (I will not give names as a matter of ethic), saying that a woman of the village was betwen life and death and that her medic was in my town for a medical event, passing me his name and celular phone number (in his village had no phones).

          I called the medic immediately and went to him all information provided by the nurse and the doctor prescribed an emergency treatment to try to save the live of his client. I described the treatment to the nurse, who thanked me and said goodbye. After about twenty days of this contact I received a postcard (note) from a woman from an Amazon village, thanking me saving her life. I stayed very happy to know that she was alive, but I don't felt as I had saved her life. I had only done my duty, not one inch beyond that.

          Now I will talk about the Boys Scouts. Imagine that there are still people who dedicate their free time to turn boys and girls in conscious citizens who will act in society as sources for multiplier the highest quality education that they received, wich includes everything from notions of survival in the jungle until the responsability of each with the environment, through civic education and safety at home classes and abroad. These people are the boys scouts chiefs, who participate in numerous courses to assist in the work of the boys scouts groups, that receive hundreds of children who generally have not received the education in the matters mentioned in this paragraph.

          The treatment with these children is so caring and respectful that, even after decades without seeing each other, we are treated as parents when we meet with our former boys and girls scouts. Another day I was embraced by a beautiful woman while crossing a square and even I was scared, thinking that was a robbery, because I am an old and quietly man and not used to being hugged by so beautiful young women, but it was one of my former scout girl (now married and happy) that even after so many years without finding us, still had an enormous affection and respect for me. It was wonderful, it was like meeting a little daughter that I had not seen for many years, simply unforgettable.

Text by Lupércio Mundim

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