It is rather amazing as we like to gossip, or spend our time commenting on other persons lives with friends and colleagues. Even those who swear that hate gossip is found having an "innocent gossip" with someone. When we are caught doing a gossip we says that there are the "vicious rumor" and the "innocent gossip" and that we, of course, were doing allways the innocent gossip, just commenting on an event that occurred the day before...

          And I'm not talking about "other people" (making an innocent gossip), I'm talking about all of us, I love to do, once in a while, a "no malice comment" or even a "comment with all evil" when the person who is suffering the comment is my boss at work, or someone wich certainly deserves my comment. And who could say seriously that doesn't a little gossip a once in a while?

          I myself did not realize about this defect (or mania), just until my son, who lives for ten years in Europe, came to spend his Christmas with me and started calling my attention to this fact, was that I've seen the reality, we (although rarely admit it) love to make comments about other persons' lives and we always feel that the comments of others are evil, while ours are always innocent.

          In countrues where education is taked more seriously, this is considered bad habit, here in Brazil is widely adopted as an everyday occurence. The simple truth is that all gossip are evil, we have no right to comment about others' lives, specially when we do in order to criticize, to diminish the person and make mockery of it, This is the naked truth about this and I assume my share of blame on the gossip I've done in the past and abour whar I'll do in the future! (laughs)

Text by Lupércio Mundim

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