Saturdays, sundays and holidays were very special days for me and my sister, Marizete, these days our parents do not give up early to work and so we woke up and ran to our parents' bed, my father pick up the guitar and we all had begun to sing some very pretty and funny songs, that made us almost laugh very much, like this below:

Hello hello Roberta
I forgot the key
leave the door open,
don't do as the previous time
I called and don't avail,
I'll get tired of today's work
save for me a little pie of shrimp.

          The music was more funny because my father exchanged the words and said things like "I forgot the door, leave the key open" and other jokes that we enjoy very much and my mother sang and participated in the games making faces the most unexpected. Thank God my grandparents and parents loved each other very much and their love was the more positive spice of my childhood.

          Singing in the bed was very fun and I now know that my father was right when he repeated that old saying "who sings scares away his woes". My sister and I adored our singing and my parents also liked because it was a time when we have fun together in a healthy and educational entertainment, our both, me and my sister, are dedicated to the music and musical ensembles formed in the sixties and seventies.

          I remember that we did requests that my father played with joy, one time was the "music of Bahia" other time was the "music of Roberta", we don't knew (and still don't know) the songs original titles, the important was the fun and that we had plenty on those happy days.

          This happened more than a half century ago and I still sing our songs and remember those magical and happy moments. I insisted on singing the same songs for my children so they can have fun and feel happy as I, without much success because I don't play the guitar. A happy childhood is essential for that the children becomes a responsible and happy citizen. The love and the affection are the cement and the steel of the man building.

Text by Lupércio Mundim

Poetic Soul Counters