Some people, perhaps because they feel superior or too serious, decide not to have a dog, they are simply losing one of the best things of this life, believe it or not. the dog is the animal closest to humans and often gets to be superior to humans. Am I exaggerating? Not a bit!

          If you spend the day out, working or just touring, when you come home and look to your dog, you will see the joy that it will demonstrate, how it is your friend and how it values your friendship and your presence. A friend left her pinsher in a hotel for dogs to travel for a week, when she return her dog got so mad with joy that he suffered a heart stroke and died. It is amazing how they are delighted with our presence, even when they don't depend on us to get foor and water, as was the case of this friend's pinsher.

          Some years ago I had a pinsher bitch and it was pure joy, if I stayed a whole day without giving it attention and suddenly looked at her I ever saw it wagging her tail in token of sincere joy. If someone gets a whole day without paying attention to his wife will arrange a headache for a whole week or more.

          A thinker said that we can analyze the character of a human being by how he treats the animals, especially small animals that can not defend themselves, are incredible acts of cowardice that are committed every day with little cats and dogs, who can not save any sorrow of their owners.

          I know a woman who bought an expensive dog just to impress friends, but who commits the cruelty of travel lefting her dog without enough food and water, I really can not tell how this dog manages to survive. And when this woman comes home finds her dog wagging its tail with joy.

          Do not deprive yourself of a company as a loyal friend, specially worrying about minor details like food and veterinary expenses, wich you will receive in return will be worth thousands of times what you can spend with your dog. But do not buy or adopt a dog if you will not love it, if not in fact will be a friend of that dog.

Text by Lupércio Mundim

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