Ethics Pladge
ATC Ethics Pledge

Lupércio Mundim, creator and owner of the Poetic Soul website, solemnly declares, in his own interest, which agrees to follow the Code Of Ethics (COE) to ensure total honesty to all visitors and applicants of his awards and to ensure that this site will always remain ethical, and respectful of the laws of copyright and a family site, that is approved for people of all ages.

  • I agree to relate on the credits page all items of content on this site have not been created by me, as the name of the author and his authorization;

  • I agree not to use any material such as text, poetry, graphics or photos of unknown authors, or without proper authorization of its creator, except for the material provided on free sites;

  • I agree not to pass on to third parties any information, as e-mail, received from visitors and applicants for awards, such information will be deleted after the use established by the submitter;

  • I agree not to accept any type of paid advertising on my site, only links of partnerships and friends, as well as links to my other sites and services in small banners and without blinks;

  • I agree to never submit any content that may be considered offensive, harassing, illegal, pornographic, or that may be considered offensive by the general public;

  • I agree to never change this statement and follow it faithfully to fulfill the goal of this site that is to offer a choice of wholesome ethical, respectful and family entertainment;

Lupércio Mundim

The Code of Ethics (COE) is licensed uner a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-Commercial share Alike United States License with credit being given to Award Community News.
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