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Following one of the policies of our website, which is to offer 100% free and useful, we create our virtual cards, based on beautiful photos and special texts of my own.
As another policy Our site is ethics, legally acquired the photos we use on our business cards (see note below). Welcome, hope you enjoy and come back often!

Lupércio Mundim
NOTE: The photographs used in our virtual cards were legally acquired companies in Europe Editora Ltda., Digerati Commerce e Tecnologia Ltda., Scale Editora Ltda., CD Expert Publisher Quark and Publisher of Brazil Ltda.

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not send attachments files that need to be run or requests to download for your e-mail. Also do not ask for your password and email under any circumstances.
The notification email sending, receiving and reading the virtual cards takes the user to view the card within our site, never download any card.
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