Yara Nazaré

          I admire people who show talent in several areas and Yara is one of these persons, as it was not enough to be an excellent poet and webdesigner, also excels in painting and created beautiful paintings, as you can see on her website "Yara Nazaré". Furthermore, it is a simple and generous person who receives the friends like me in her apartment in Brasília as they were celebrities and this is a really rare quality today.

          For this large sum of talents and qualities that I highlighted her among friends and poets of the web, an extremely nice and true person, whose merits far outweigh this homage. Thanks to her wellknown generosity, you may also see her paintings on this website, in a page that I rightly named "Art Gallery", I'm sure that you will enjoy very much your visit to this page!

Lupércio Mundim

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