Ógui Lourenço Mauri

          Altough we have never met personally, I consider myself a true friend of Ógui, is a wonderful and respected poet in the internet, for his talent, character and kindness. And Ógui is not just a poet lost in the web, he is a talented and inspired poet as you can see and enjoy in his website Words of the Heart and in many other sites of friends and admirers.

          When I created the "Poet - the site of the brazilian poet" I immediately thought of Ógui, not just because he's my friend but because he is an exceptional poet and, to boot, still writes beautiful poems in Spanish, using the pseudonym of Lorenzo Yucatan. It is, therefore, a person endowed with great inteligence and sensivity, like a beacon, illuminating the poetics ways of the brazilian and world internet. That God always keep so!

Lupércio Mundim

Poetic Soul Counters