Inês Vieira

          Inês Vieira is one of the more nice and sincere friends I met on the internet, her friendship is true and disinterested and her joie de vivre is a soft shot in the arm that encourages us to move on with our lives, despite any limitation or problem. If Inês has some moment of sadness or discouragement, she keeps it to herself, as her friend I know is always cheerful, lively and happy.

          The Art of Inês are its beautiful powerpoint presentations or messages that bring us wonderful pictures and many special effects, transforming a homely poem or a simple message into something lovely to look at, a joy to the eyes of those who receive them. Her musical selection is excellent and we has the impression that the music was composed especially for brightening that presentation.

          See some of the stunning performances by Inês Vieira on her website, The Corner of Inês Vieira!

Lupércio Mundim
April / 2014

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