Dag França

          Dag França is my friend and neighbor, someone very dear to my family for several years, so this is more than an homage, it is a statement of admiration and gratitude, for she have never missed us with her pure and true friendship and her important support in times of joy and sorrow. That would be reason enough to have this honor, but Dag is a great artist and this should also be highlighted here.

          She paints magnificent pictures of simple country scenes, as one of the brightest representatives of Naive Art in Brazil, her pictures are beautiful and poetic and all its content represents our history and traditions, as well as admirable paintings of flowers, an artist very talented.

          By this description she would have deserved any honor, but what about his character and generosity? Dag could be making tours every day of his life, she has already accomplished a lot, but she is voluntary and works very much helping people in need of one of the busiest hospitals in her city, an admirable woman who cares about others, worthy of my consideration and respect.

Lupércio Mundim

Poetic Soul Counters