Beth Costa

          Some friends are so special that we fear to lose them, is this way with my childhood friend and fellow Beth Costa, a simple woman and talented author of several books and many beautiful paintings and sculptures, as well as poetry and texts. I would like to be your neighbor to chat with her every day, but we live more than seventy miles apart and we hardly see, what saddens me very much.

          If she were to receive an honor or prize for each of her talents or qualities, she would not have space to store them, this is a person far above the level of intelligence that is considered normal today, a thinker who speaks to his friends without demonstrate that she have so much knowledge.

          Moreover Beth is spiritual and is concerned with the people, practicing charity daily, perhaps for this reason that every conversation with her is a positive shot in the arm of liveliness, we feel that we are in harmony with the highest to stay with this sensitive artist, this wonderful human being that God has placed in my path.

Lupércio Mundim

Poetic Soul Counters