Angela Stefanelli de Moraes

          When I thought of honoring some dear friends by his exceptional qualities immediately I remembered of Angela, she already created several sites, all very pretty, as her personal website, Amor e Sonhos (Love and Dreams), and the site of the poetess Alda Moreira, Espelho Poético (Poetic Mirror).

         Her sites already received some of the most important Brazilian and international awards and she is considered between the experts as one of the best Web designers of the country. Her pages are original and extremely beautiful and her graphics detach itself by the creativity and good taste.

          But she does not is barely an excellent Web designer, Angela is poetess and her site offers to the visitors a content of the more high quality.

          Personally Angela is a marvelous friend and owner of an incredible good humor, nobody obtains to stayed sad nearby she and positiveness is so important nowadays, by this her friendship is valued, therefore she is a very special person.

Lupércio Mundim

Poetic Soul Counters