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Neusa Garcia is my relative and fellow citizen, seen that passed his infancy and youth in the city of Ipameri - Goiás, its joy and simplicity elude us, do not leave us to, in the beginning, perceive its greatness as the artist and like person. His works, that will be able to be observed in this page, show her talent and sensibility, healthy tests of the big artist that she is and that I have the privilege of consider my friend.


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Neusa de Souza Garcia was born in Urutaí (Goiás State - Brazil) in five of August of 1934 and to the six years of age moved away for Ipameri.

In 1980 she began to "joke with the clay in the hand", as she same says, to invitation of Tiana Tomé, when created her first works.

Her first work that was shown to the public was its today known crib, that she created for itself and that from the beginning of the decade of eighty passed it to be exhibited in the Christmas period in the shop window of the Elvira Boutique.

In 1982 her first exposition happened in the Fountain of the University Plaza, in Goiânia. From this exposition Neusa passed to be recognized in the State of Goiás and in all the country by the beauty and importance of her works.

Holy Mothers
The Holy Mothers
Our Lady Auxiliadora
Our Lady Aparecida
do Carmo
Our Lady do Carmo
Sacred Heart of Jesus and
Torch Women
Santana 1
Santana Master 1
Santana 2
Santana Master 2
Saint Francis
Saint Antony
Saint John Baptist
Saint Michel

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