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Some persons like of receive and other of donate, my friend Celito Medeiros does question of always do something for the persons that surround him, can be a simple and sincere praise, but always is deed of heart, of a form that never be can forget. Perhaps because of this stayed more visible for us his immense heart than his marvelous talent.



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Plastic artist, writer, poet, philosopher and engineer, Celito Medeiros is an orchestra of only one man, a little part of his talent and sensibility can be appreciated in this page.

Celito graduated in Engineering in 1976, in Engineering of Security in 1985, in the School of Music and Beautiful Arts Santa Cecília in 1988. He did studies of Specialization in Fitotecnia - Fitossanitarismo, Seeds - Environment - Amazonia - Topography, Philosophy, Communication and Student Hat, Modern Science of Mental Health, Alternative Therapy of Improvements of Life and studied Postgraduation in Psychology.

Received the following prizes:

  • Brazilian Oscar in in the Painting - Super Cap golden - S. Paulo;
  • Prize of the Academy of Sciences, Letter and Arts of France;
  • Universal ambassador of the Peace - Geneva (Swiss);
  • Prize Talent of the Paraná - Literature and Painting;
  • Prize National Culture - Sesc - São Paulo;
  • Cultural prize UNESCO;
Celito did more of two hundred national and internationals expositions, including in the Louvre Museum, in Paris. He is the president of the Sol Vermelho Ltda. - Cultural and Consul of the Poetas del Mundo. He has 47 books edited, between soil and participations.

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