A man, who lived alone with a parrot, began to receive soaring phone bills, with international calls to distant countries like Japan and China. He searched the phone company to protest, but the company said that the international calls were actually made from his home.

Suspecting that a neighbor was entering his apartment, the man said goodbye to the parrot but don't go to work, staing behind the couch in the living room.

Not long after, he began to hear the phone being used, someone dialing and saying "hello!".

He jumped out from behind the couch and ran to the phone, surprising the parrot, who love to play with the phone, making the more crazy calls worldwide.

The man was furious and put the parrot in the freezer for punishment. Within the freezer, next to the parrot was a completely frozen roaster. After a few minutes the man repented and took the parrot from the freezer.

The man said to the parrot that if he promissed not to make more phone calls he would not be placed in the freezer.

The parrot, shivering a lot, replied:

- Okay, I swear I never use the phone again, but for god's sake, tell me for where that poor roaster called?

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