A peddler (independent vendor) went from farm to farm selling scissors, needles and other similar products that were packed in a suitcase, where he also took some clothes of his use.

Arriving in a rich farm, with the owner and his beautiful daughters sat on the porch, the peddler was ashamed to reveal his profession and presented himself as a lions hunter.

The farm owner, enthusiastic, said:

- You arrived just on time, there are two lions that are decimating my cows and that no one can hunt, I'll serve you a lunch and then you can go to hunt these lions for me!

The peddler think: I'll take this lunch and walk away, this people never will see me again!

During the wonderful lunch the farm owner asked where are the lions hunter's weapons and the peddler replied that he did not use weapons, hunting the lions without any gun. The farm owner's daughters were amazed with his courage.

After the lunch the peddler took his briefcase, said goodbye to all and left the farm's house. Crossing a stretch of woods, aiming to reach the road, he heard footsteps behind him and turned, facing one of the terrible lions of the farm.

The peddler start to run toward the farm's house and when get there jumped in a big hole of a wood bridge, the lion jumped and go direct to the farm's house, where are the farm owner and his daughters.

The peddler stood up and shouted to the farmer:

- Hold this lion that I will get the other!!!

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