A man bought a ferrari and decided to take a ride on a road of little movement to test his new car. He drove about 60 miles per hour when became a desesperate man that pass in an old beetle and shouted:

- Do you know the beetle?

The ferrari's owner thought "but that's absurd, I am in a ferrari and he is challenging me in an old volkswagen beetle?" Then he accelerates the ferrari, pass the beetle and start screaming to the man in the beetle:

- Do you know the ferrari?

The scene was repeated three times until the man of the beetle flipped the car on a curve. The ferrari's owner stop the car and ask to the beetle's man:

- But you're crazy, challenging a ferrari with and old little car?

The beetle's owner, aching all over, responded:

- No challenge, I was asking if you knew the beetle was to tell me where is the brake!

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