Lupércio Mundim

I was born on november 4th, 1946, in the  City  of  Taubaté,  State  of São Paulo, and when i was just a month old, my parents  took  me to the City of Ipameri, State of Goiás (in the central part of the country), by train, where i spent my childhood.

In 1952, my sister Marizete was born, who has been  my  best  friend all my life. My father used to work at  a  bank and,  in  1954,  he  was transferred to Goiânia, the Capital of the  State  of  Goiás,  where  we spent five unforgettable years.

In 1959 my father was transferred again, but this time to  Rio  de  Janeiro, where we stayed on for eleven  wonderful years.  In  1970  we came back to Goiânia,  where  I  have  lived  so  far  and  where  i  got married (in 1973), had two children and got divorced (in 1988).

In  1982  I graduated  in  Law  Course  (after  ten  years   away   from school)  and started  my  own  business  (law office)  with  a  college classmate, Dr. Pedro Dourado. In 1984 i was  hired  by  the  company where i worked for 25 years since my retirement in 2007.

If you want to know more,  read  my  book  "The Ipameri's Roofs"  in the site: (only in Portuguese).

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