This page is a tribute to my old friends from childhood and youth, who for decades have been my loyal friends and remain until the present day. To they I sincerelly dedicate this page, my gratitude and eternal friendship.

          I placed here only a few old friends, other old friends will be inserted over time, specially friends from my hometown, Ipameri (Goiás State, Brazil).


Unfortunately I have not a current photo of Valério, we lost contact when he moved to São Paulo, but he was my best friend throughout my childhood and youth, I cherish wonderful memories of him.

We founded a scientific club to develope and launch rockets and we lauched several rockets, including some that was manned by insects, which frightened the neighborhood and raise more than the church's tower, the tallest building in the city at thar time, we really loved these events.


Selim moved to Ipameri with seven years old and lived in a house that was almost opposite to mine, so we were friends who never left one another's house. Selim was always extremely generous and owner of a contagious joy, is my great friend for over half a century and this gives me great joy and honor.

Selim lived and studied in some countries of Europe and in the United States and became a renowned medic, specialized in clinical analysis, his current work is spread over almost the entire Brazilian territory, but Selim remains a absolutely simple person and accessible to his friends and family.


Joélcio lived in front of my house and we were always together, he was part of the quartet of friends that I majored in youth (with Valério, Joélcio and Roberto Galvão), we were always doing something together, specially looking girls in the square.

I was immensely happy to see him coming with his lovely wife for the lauch of my book "The Roofs of Ipameri", because it resides in another town (Anápolis), was more one opportunity for remembering our old and precious frienship, wonderful time.


Roberto formed an inseparable quartet with me, Valério and Joélcio, we were always together in the square of Ipameri planning our adventures, our serenades to the more beautiful girls of the city, our dances and dating, incredible time.

A pity that I have completely lost the contact with Roberto (I meet his father many years ago), because we were great friends and I miss our conversation about everything on the face of earth. Please email me Beto!


Luiz Sérgio's father, Mr. Castorino, lived in our neighborhood and was a dear friend of my parents and grand parents, so we met and became friends when we was really children and walked over the walls of our block.

I've gone many years without see Luiz Sérgio, he was studying ar Harvard and became a medic ophtalmologist, but our friendship stay intact despite the decades. He chairs the NGO Amazon Vision, which has no profit, and I just took the development of its website. This NGO aims to bring medical assistence to communities along the rivers Araguaia and Amazon, in Brazil, a fantastic work.


Ethics journalist and consecrated poetess, Angélica was my childhood friend, in our beloved and bucolic Ipameri, but she moved with her family to Brasília and although always reveived her news, we lost contact for several years. One day I invited her to join my website about Ipameri and our friendship has resurfaced.

I'm glad that we met again, it's a proof that distance and time can't separate those who are united by the bonds of true friendship and Angelica is a really friend, as are true her talent and inspiration.


Beth is my beloved friend for decades, a wonderful person, possessed of many talents in various areas, wich I love and admire. Her gentleness with loved ones is precious as a rare gem, I would like to be her neighbor so I can talk with her every day, but two hundred kilometers separe us.

But we still have not lost contact and our friendship remains steadfast, I feel it when we talk on the phone or when we finally meet. I visit her whenever I can, even for a few minutes, just to hug her.


Marinho was a childhood friend from who I was I separated for over a decade and then saw him again when we start to develop a friendship even bigger and stronger, it was he who showed me (without driving me) the luminous path of spiritualism, a time that was simply a must in my life.

We lived so many adventures together that just reading my book "The Roofs of Ipameri" to get an idea about our fantastic good times. Marinho, Luciano (see below) and me formed a incredible team, we were always together some primed, assembled a band and got to play weekly in the two tv channels that existed at that time in our Town (Goiânia). A pity that all this is over...


Luciano is a great pianist and was a key part of the incredible team (see above) that we formed with Marinho, always in good humor and ready for an adventure, it's a great friend that I have not seen for many years, but now we meet again.

He was actually the only musician of our band, me (drums) and Marinho (guitar and bass) were amateurs, but the result was smooth and of very good quality, so we did a lot of success in our city at that time, I never will forget these so good times.

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