Part I - Resources

          All that is presented on the internet was created by someone who deserves to be respected, we are not allowed to simply copy something and put on our website without asking permission from the author, this act, commonly called plagiarism, is compared to the theft and has severe punishments provided for by international laws.

          Some people have the habit of copying everything they find beautiful to put on their websites, others, besides copying, even hide or change the author's name, believing, as the internet is huge, his "misdemeanor" will never be discovered, however these people have proven something for visitors of their websites: they are not ethical people who don't respect anyone and, therefore, don't deserve any respect.

          No one becomes a poet or a graphic artist instantly, simply because copy some poetry or graphics from someone and put them on his website with his name. They have to think that the world revolves and that one day this theft will be discovered and on this day, is satisfied that this person is neither a poet nor graphic artist, will still be proven to be a thief, someone with no respect for laws and citizen's rights.

          Let's choose the ethical way, ask for authorization to authors of the materials we want to use on our website, create a page of credits and list there all that somehow contributed to the creation of our website, doing this we will shows that we are aware, that is fair and does not contravene the laws or the rights of anyone.

          If we do this we will not only be respected , as we may have the immense joy of seeing our work being praised and see our website be approved by an international ethics program as APEX or Ethics Pledge, as happened with this site (see badges below), this means that our work has been internationally recognized.

Part II - Software

          Software or computer programs are usually very expensive, especially for those who earn so little and have to pay so many taxes as we Brazilians, however creating an ethical site using pirated copies of programs is impossible, there is nothing in the world that is 99 % ethical, or we are 100% ethical or unethical. This is a subject that is not discussed much, the truth is that anyone who uses pirated copies of software likes to admit this in public, but you may not consider yourself an honest person committing illegal acts...

          The software development companies, especially the large ones, give jobs to thousands of people and spend fortunes on equipment and research to create a software, it is not fair that we make a pirated copy of the program, causing injury to those who struggled for much offer it to the public. Buy your software, even if expensive costing and be pleased to be contributing to this market growth, which means that soon new and better programs can be launched and you are being ethical!

Part III - Ethics

          And why be ethical, why not take advantage at all? Ethics is part of the moral evolution of the human being, we not born to be fooling around, we treat others with honesty because we want to be treated the same way, this is the reason why people of character adopt the ethics as a guide for their lives.

          But we can not be ethical for some things and not be ethical for others, we must be correct at all times of life, only then we will be recognized and treated as an ethical person who deserves the respect of all and this is not the primary reward of the ethical , the primary reward is the satisfaction of having done everything correctly and relief to know that there can never be a doubt or condemnation of our actions.

Lupércio Mundim

APEX member
Ethics Pledge member
Poetic Soul Counters