09/20/2002 Creation of the site now in its final domain. Click here to see the first version of the site!
10/06/2002 Creation of the Poetic Soul Award Program, the best known in Latin America.
10/07/2003 Creation of the second version so beautiful site. Click here to see the second version of the site!
10/12/2003 Creation of the Lupe's Corner, the author's main site of poems, with their earlier works.
03/31/2004 Introduction of the text menu on the main page, later called Sitemap.
04/21/2004 Creation of the Art Gallery, where very talented friends expose their art.
03/14/2005 Creation of Pages of Credits, this was the first site in Latin America to offer full pages of credits, with credits, rights, privacy, ethics and absolute respect for copyright
05/11/2006 Creation of the Family's Memorial, the most important part of this site, to the author.
05/12/2006 Creation of the Poetic Soul Award Index, the first in southern hemisphere.
09/01/2008 Creation of the Poetic Soul Ethics Program, the first and only in the southern hemisphere.
08/26/2008 Beginning of the creation of the Free Resources Center, which has made this site the main source of free resources in Latin America.
12/10/2010 Creation of the third and current version of the site, with my picture at Parc Tete d'Or, Lyon - France.
01/06/2011 Creating of the Hall of the Poetess Angela Stefanelli, a tribute to a wonderful poet and friend.
01/28/2011 Creation of the Hall of the Poet Demostenes Cristino, the leading poet of my city, Ipameri.
02/05/2011 Creation of the Tree of Friends, a simple tribute to close friends.


Creation of the Nook of the Old Friends, a tribute to the friends of childhood and youth.
09/20/2011 Creation of this Website Historic, so that all may know its history.
05/20/2012 Beginning of the reform of the website (new design)
04/07/2012 Moving of the Poetic Soul Awards Program to its self domain (
09/10/2012 Beginning of the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of this website.
09/20/2012 Release of version 8.3 of the site, in celebration of its tenth anniversary.

NOTE 1: We regret the failures in our website's history, but we only started when the site was nine years online.
NOTA 2: Some images are missing in earlier versions of this website and most links will not work. I am sorry.

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